EarthDefender 1.05

Defend the earth from imminent alien invasion!

Earth Defender is a 21st century version of the classic arcade game, Space Invaders. Defend the earth by shooting the invading aliens out of the sky. Gain extra points by successfully destroying the UFOs which appear in this multiple level game. If you survive long enough, you may even make it as a leader on the top 6 high score board!

Game features include:

  • Color support
  • Grayscale 2 and 4 bits support
  • High resolution 320x320 support
  • PalmOS5 compatible
  • PalmOS5 enhanced
  • 48 game levels
  • Three levels of difficulty new
  • Save / load game
  • Auto save game
  • Battery status
  • Clock
  • Top scores board
  • Game background
  • Sound level control
  • Fully configurable controls
  • Hard-key control

An enjoyable clone of a hugely popular classic.

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EarthDefender 1.05

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